Giggle and Hoot’s Hootastic Concert
Jimmy Giggle and owl pals

My little owl pals and I were beyond excited to be in the audience of Giggle and Hoot’s Hootastic Concert this morning at the South Juniors venue. The subject of our recent interview, Jimmy Giggle (aka Jimmy Rees) and his owl sidekicks, Hoot and Hootabelle have been touring the country for the past couple of weeks, bringing their television act to the stage.


In the intimate setting of their chosen venue, a feature of all the locations along their tour, the energetic trio entertained their young fans with our favourite tunes. Driving in the Gigglemobile, taking a mini adventure with Gigglosauraus, dressing up like a Piratey Pirate Hoot ya for a treasure-seeking expedition and so much more; all the best bits we have come to know and love about Jimmy Giggle and his owl pals translated perfectly from screen to stage.

Jimmy Giggleini

Infused with comedy, and with a touch of Jimmy Giggleini magic, we got to escape the wet Sydney weather for an hour of children’s entertainment gold. Beautiful set pieces bring the TV sequences to life in front of our eyes from Gigglosaurus’s plane to the window Hoot and Hootabelle fly out from to do the Night Watch.


A costume change from Jimmy Giggle’s trademark daytime apparel to those bright yellow pyjamas signalled the winding down of the concert. The haphazard cardboard inventions that are as much a fixture of the pair’s act as Mini Hoot, also got a moment in the spotlight as Giggle attempted to launch the three into the Giggle Galaxy. A few false starts, some Dad jokes, the trademark countdown and off we went soaring into space.

It’s not hard to see why Jimmy Rees was plucked from obscurity to front the ABC Kids presenter segment. He is unequivocally the twinklified star of the show, never wavering from his screen persona and bringing the charisma and boyish appeal that have made him a hit with youngsters and their mothers alike! Accepting pictures from the outstretched arms of little ones hoping to be featured in his Giggle Gallery and even allowing for one or two quick snaps, Jimmy Giggle knows how to please his crowd and that he and Hoot did, and then some.

I could see the thrill it gave my littles to be entertained by one of their favourite personalities in real life and more than a few grown-ups were singing along with all the songs. Giggle and Hoot have long saturated our daily reality, giving us a much needed dose of Vitamin Happy with their unique adventures, catchy lyrics and most of all, their friendship.

Meeting Jimmy Giggle

If you haven’t already booked to take your owl pals to one of the remaining Hootastic Concerts… why not?! Read on for when, where and how you can book your tickets.

What: Giggle and Hoot’s Hootastic Concert
When: 30 September – 16 October (see pic below for all dates)
Cost: $28.50ea
Photography: Photos are permitted
Merchandise: Toys, books, t-shirts and more are available at the Giggle and Hoot concerts with the most popular, plush characters of Hoot and Hootabelle costing between $35 and $40.
Note: Due to the intimate nature of the venues, seating is not typically allocated so arrive early to avoid disappointment if you want to be close to the stage.

Giggle and Hoot tour dates