Justine Clarke's Silly Songs Tour
Justine Clarke

Justine Clarke has a knack when it comes to entertaining children. Maybe it’s because she’s a Mum; maybe it’s because she’s had years of experience playing to her Playschool audience; whatever it is, it makes for performances that are effortless in their execution.


Her Silly Songs Tour, which began its run this weekend at the premiere Australian venue, the Sydney Opera House, more than served to demonstrate why we all love Justine Clarke. Dressed in glitter, rocking the ukulele and guitar and interweaving her musical set with video snippets sent in by her adoring fans; Justine set the Concert Hall alive with the sound of fun.


“I love to involve the audience as much as possible,” said Clarke, in our recent interview with the Ta Da star. “I’m always looking out for new ways to engage everyone in the crowd and make sure everyone leaves feeling a bit happier and energised (which is hard if you’re a sleep deprived parent I know!)”


Clarke is the perfect remedy to sleep deprivation and any other of the less enjoyable side effects of parenthood. You will walk into her arena and be instantly struck by the contagion of energy, rhythm and pure delight innate in everything she does.

Roar like a Dinosaur

 For long-time fans of the presenter-turned-performer, she brings out some of the classics which first gave way to her burgeoning musical talent and there is a whole host of numbers to get big and little feet up and dancing. Inflatable fruit, dancing dinosaurs and hilarious cameos by some young aspiring artists are just some of the treats instore on Clarke’s 2018 tour.


So get ready to don your cowboy hat and learn your country moves, roar like a dinosaur and learn plenty of silly songs. Oh and if this hasn’t whetted your appetite enough, you’ll be pleased to hear that Justine’s musical offering will be served up with nothing less than a big slice of… Watermelon.


If you love Justine, like we love Justine then hop online, take a bit of time, book some tix and lick your lips… everywhere’s a dancefloor but you’ll have the most fun dancing at Clarke’s Silly Songs Tour.


What you need to know:

Justine Clarke, Silly Songs Tour 2018
Duration: 55 minutes (no interval)
Tickets: $39.40

To book tickets for one of the remaining Tour Dates click on the city:

Perth - Sunday 30 September

Canberra - Saturday 6 October

Brisbane - Sunday 7 October

Adelaide - Sunday 13 October

Noah at the Justine Clarke concert