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Have you spent your life feeling like an extra in someone else’s story? Well here comes a tale that’s about to push those supporting characters into the limelight as a different version of that story about a boy who became a wizard takes centre stage. PUFFS casts a whole new light on the misadventures, triumphs and tragedies that occurred in an English magic school but this time, its original star is playing back-up.


Set in a mustard and burgundy tent, colours we will all be familiar with (and by we I am of course referring to those of us who have consumed any or all of the Potter franchise), PUFFS the play has arrived in the heart of the Entertainment Quarter (Moore Park, Sydney) where it will stay until Sunday 30 June.

Girl outside tent

We are introduced to a gaggle of loveable misfits, led by the English-born Aussie-turned Trekkie Wayne who quickly partners up with Maths whiz-kid Oliver and punk outcast Megan. A trio not too dissimilar from a certain bespectacled scar-toting nerd and his redheaded BFF and that girl who knows everything; our gang are a little less… special!


Each sorted into the PUFFS rather than the Braves, the Smarts or the Snakes, they learn that values of loyalty, friendship and failure demark a PUFF who will practice practice practice until he or she gets it right!

PUFFS is undoubtedly an ode to Rowling’s narrative, which had HP fans in fits of giggles constantly throughout, thanks to the sometimes subtle, sometimes not, references which only a true Potterhead would appreciate. The actors’ interpretations of the wonderfully eccentric faculty we’ve all come to know and love at a certain magic school was brilliant and utterly hilarious, and in fact these provided some of my personal favourite moments.


The cast will jump into the audience from time to time extending the intimate vibe that is already at play. An opportune moment for true audience participation occurs however during the second half which my 7yo fully invested herself in!

Fast-paced, funny and full of wizarding magic, PUFFS literally is a laugh a minute production that had young and old belly-laughing from start to finish. Celebrating the ultimate anti-hero, I dare PUFFS not to put a spell on you.             


PUFFS is written by Matt Cox and directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker.  It features production and costume design by Madeleine Bundy, original lighting design by Herrick Goldman, sound design by Matt Cox and original music by Brian Hoes

PUFFS matinees are fun for the whole family! On Saturday (2.00pm) and Sunday (1.00pm) afternoons, the show has been lightly transfigured so that wizards aged 8 and above can share in the magic of PUFFS, and parents can relax knowing their kids won't learn any new curses.

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What you need to know:


What: PUFFS the Play

Where: Pop-Up Theatre, The Showring at The Entertainment Quarter (EQ), Moore Park, Sydney

When: Now until 30 June 2019

Cost: $49.90 (+ booking fee)

Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 25 minutes (with a 20 minute interval)

Who: PUFFS is written for audiences 14 years and over, as the show does contain adult themes. However weekend matinees are fun for the whole family. On Saturday (2:00pm) and Sunday (1:00pm) matinees the show has been lightly transfigured so that wizards aged 8 and above can share in the magic of PUFFS, and parents can relax knowing their kids won’t learn any new curses.

Parking: There is on site parking at the EQ which is free for 2 hours, however if you’re looking for a free option you can park in the nearby Centennial Park which is about a 5-10 minute walk from the venue.

Getting there: If you’re taking public transport then the best way of getting to the EQ is via bus which stops along the Anzac Parade. You want to get out at the stop closest to Lang Road and then it’s about a 5 minute walk to the venue.

Food and Drink: There is a bar selling snacks and drinks in the tent. Drinks start at $4 for a soft drink or bottled water and go up to $12 for something a little stronger! Snacks including popcorn, crisps and ice cream are between $5-7. There are also plenty of eateries within the EQ from fast food options to sit down restaurants, including an awesome American BBQ which is open Fri-Sunday and smells amazing!!

Toilets: I didn’t even think to look if there were toilets in or near the tent though I’m sure there were but there are bathroom facilities around the EQ and not too far from the tent.

Note: The tent is heated for the colder days and similarly equipped with air conditioning if temperatures rise.