PJ Masks Live

It was with extreme excitement that my tribe of five headed to the ICC Sydney this past weekend, where the PJ Masks jumped from screen to stage in a live production.


PJ Masks Live! Time to be a Hero sees Catboy, Owlette and Gekko star in an all-singing, all-dancing, action-packed musical production. Plucking the best-loved elements from the TV series, TEG and Life Like Touring deliver a theatrical ode to PJ Masks that had every one of its young fans out of their seats and dancing along.


While the core trio are undoubtedly the main attraction, I particularly enjoyed the antics of their night-time foes. Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja, fed up with always being defeated by the PJ Masks join forces against the trio as Team Villain Foes, aka TVF.


Who’s the best villain? Are they better together? Or should villains stick to working alone?

L-R: Luna Girl, Night Ninja, Romeo

L-R: Luna Girl, Night Ninja, Romeo

From smelly egg launchers to sticky splats on the town’s new climb zone, the villains hop from one scheme to another in an effort to outwit the PJ trio and take over their headquarters. But unlike the three friends, each villain has his or her own agenda which are demonstrated through incredible staging and set props, not least Romeo’s robot sidekick.

The PJ Masks split up to defend the city against their night-time foes but we all know they work best as a team and really that’s the name of the game. Highlighting the catchphrase and motto the PJ Masks follow in every episode, the live show offers the perfect opportunity for Catboy, Owlette and Gekko to be a Hero and work together to bring down their after-dark antagonists.

There are laughs a plenty at the expense of the usual PJ suspects and more than enough opportunities to get up and boogie to the fabulous musical numbers which pepper the show. With stunning costumes which truly capture the PJ Masks cast; PJ Masks Live serves up a feast of heroic greatness to delight young fans of the television series.


PJ Masks Live rounds off its tour with dates in Adelaide (7 October) and Melbourne (13-14 October); to book tickets, click here.