ABC Me presents Hardball

We were invited to the exclusive launch screening of a brand new comedy for kids coming to ABC Me on Monday 22 April, Hardball.


The 13-episode series follows super cool Kiwi, Mikey (Semisi Cheekam) on his quest to be the greatest handball player in Sydney’s west after he moves with his Daddy from New Zealand to his Auntie’s garage in Oz.


Written by Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes and shot in a documentary-style, each episode runs for 30 minutes. Mikey will often talk straight to camera to share his thoughts on various interactions he has with his new classmates and teachers at Block Primary School, as well as the other wacky and wonderful characters that he meets along the way. This is one to make your youngsters laugh out loud (I’ll admit, I did too ‘cause it’s pretty darn funny!).


We were treated to the first and tenth episode from the series, seeing how Mikey’s story develops along with his friendships with misfits Salwa (Reannah Hamdan) and Jerry (Logan Reberger) and battle with Queen B Tiffany (Erin Choy). Mikey’s a pretty cool customer, not much gets to him and despite Tiffany’s constant belittling and bullying he is enduringly kind, caring and considerate – a mantra endorsed by Block Primary School’s austere Principal Elect Ms Crapper (FYI the ‘a’ is long)!


A series that showcases incredible diversity, culturally and otherwise, Hardball is everything we should love about Australian kids TV. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the big side, if you’re in a wheelchair, if you look different; because if you can return a handball with the speed and strength of a champion, you’re in!


So will Mikey be crowned handball champ? You’ll have to tune in and see!


Hardball premieres on ABC Me on Easter Monday at 4.30pm!

Denny and Noah posing with the cast of Hardball

Denny and Noah posing with the cast of Hardball