Happy Hair, Happy Life
kids brushing hair

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Mum, stop! It hurts!!!!!! Stop brushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sound familiar? This is me paraphrasing my 7 year old daughter, who fears the hair brush the way most people fear falling off a tall building. We’ve tried paddle brushes and detangle brushes and wide toothed combs. We slather on the conditioner during our bi-weekly hair-washing and dowse her hair in detangle spray in the hopes of getting a brush through her thick wavy hair when dry. To put it bluntly, it’s painful. For both of us.


Inheriting the curls and thickness of my husband and I, both my daughter and her younger brother find the idea of having their locks tamed, abhorrent. Plus, between regular dips in the swimming pool and hair the length of Rapunzel, the 7yo’s hair was looking a tad worse for wear.


Until… the arrival of the Happy Hair Brush. Combining the design of several brushes into one, this revolutionary (yes I’m using that word) hair tool has officially changed our lives. The shape of the brush is curved and wide with a mixture of hard and softer bristles and an easy-to-grip handle that work together to make the act of brushing through tangled, après-swimming, thick, curly, slept-on, wind-swept hair …simply, easy.

Reflection in mirror

Creator Jen Harwood launched the Happy Hair Brush due to her own traumatic hair brushing experiences with her own daughter, Rose. Jen trialled the brush out on friends and family first, with excellent results as people discovered the genius of its multifaceted design. She’s innovated it quite a bit from the very first brushes as the early brushes didn’t quite do the job or last as long as the ones she has now. “There are lots of hairbrushes in the world,” says Jen, “we’ve taken the best of all the brushes and combs and hair brushing systems and put them together in one brush.”


With no need for sprays or conditioner or anything else, what is the secret to the HHB?


“It’s the curve of the brush, it’s the bore bristles and longer nylon pins combination, which naturally separates the hair, it’s the strength of the nylon pin, and… it’s actually a brush that has a handle,” explains Jen as to what makes her brush unique. “To be able to brush hair you need to be able to tackle it from multiple angles for the brushing to be quick and effective and actually work.”


“With a lot of tangle teaser brushes you have to apply a lot of pressure to get the brush through the hair whereas our brush because of the nylon pin picks up the hair, runs it through the bore bristles and puts it down – you don’t have to push onto the head. Which is what makes brushing hurt. It’s magic!”


With a gold one for me, purple for the 7yo, blue for the 4yo and pink for the littlest Hine – just some of the colours these fabulous brushes are available in – we are a family converted. School morning’s are a breeze even two days post-hair wash because we now have the tear-free tool at our disposal. Not a peep of pain is uttered by either child when I run the Happy Hair Brush through their respective manes. I actually look forward to doing the 7yo’s hair.


But more than the ease of brushing, this unique brush also possesses the added magic of drawing the natural oils we all generate through the hair. I’m not exaggerating when I say, the Happy Hair Brush has spun straw into gold, transforming my daughter’s dry tresses into hair that is silky and soft to look at and touch.

 Pics: Before and After shots supplied by Happy Hair Brush customers

“The brush picks up the natural oils from the base of the head and carries them along the hair shaft making for a better quality hair,” asserts Jen. “The combination of the brush taking away all the trauma and anxiety around brushing and its physical benefit works to improve the quality of the hair.”


Designed to get through every hair type, from fine Caucasian tresses to the tight coarse ringlets of African-American locks, the Happy Hair Brush truly is for everyone.

Boy and hairbrush

“My goal for HHB is 1 million happy girls and women because the trauma of hair-brushing has been so debilitating for grown women for all of their lives and now their kids,” says Jen.


Mothers with dead straight hair who have daughters with glorious curls can now delight in the one brush fits all that HHB delivers. Also, Dads tasked with brushing their daughters’ hair can breathe a sigh of relief and kids can look forward to doing their hair knowing for once ‘beauty’ doesn’t have to be painful.


I cannot recommend the Happy Hair Brush highly enough, genuinely, the proof is in the pudding and as far as our family is concerned it is hair to stay! Use code THREELITTLES15 for a discount off your order.

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