Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band 10th Birthday Tour
Lah-Lah and band

The band that made stripy socks famous a decade ago is celebrating their milestone with a special 10th birthday party national tour across Australia. Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band has become synonymous, not only with socks, but entertaining and educating generations of children with music and big band musical instruments. Their 2018 tour showcases everything we have come to love from Lah-Lah (Tina Harris), Buzz (Mark Harris), Mister Saxophone (Matt Ottignon), Squeezy Sneezy (Gary Daley) and Tom Tom (Nic Cecire).


Making the sounds, experiences and variety of the pieces which make up a big band accessible to the preschool set, Lah-Lah and her band always have something new to teach their young fans. One of my favourite elements to their live performances involves them temporarily setting aside their instruments to produce similar beats and sounds on child-friendly alternatives like boxes and ukuleles. Kids who love Lah-Lah are developing an incredible appreciation for music and how it is generated.


This is something they have become known for, particularly as they always follow their stage act by stepping down into the audience for a meet and greet. Not a 10 minute, hi how are you? No, they spend adequate time allowing the kids to touch and feel the instruments, play a little tune, take a photo, get their merchandise signed and round off the whole experience in the best way possible to leave truly lasting memories.


Translating their on-screen success to the stage, the band’s set apparatus is flanked by digital screens which broadcast relevant clips and scenery in time with the songs being performed. What of the songs? Performing hits like Brush Your Teeth, Shake it Like This, Cinderella Samba, Band on the Bus and more, every number is alive with unbridled energy and enthusiasm so infectious it has the audience on their feet and dancing along from beginning to end.


Always opting to perform in intimate venues which lend themselves to the band’s warm and welcoming stage personas, Lah-Lah and co create musical spectacles designed to elicit audience participation. Their 10th birthday party concerts are no different, with bubbles, balloons and birthday cake punctuating the story being woven through melody.


Their birthday year would not be complete without a birthday present and that’s one for their fans as husband and wife duo, Mark and Tina (aka Buzz and Lah Lah) and the rest of the gang are about to launch Lah-Lah’s Music Room. An online music resource for educators and parents alike, it will feature music lessons for children aged 2-7, presented by Lah-Lah and Buzz and will include routine songs, drumming activities, an introduction to new musical sounds, instruments, musical games, poems, nursery rhymes and a whole lot more.

*Note: The Music Room is not active quite yet but feel free to register your interest so you will be informed as soon as the gang are all set up to play it forward!

Certainly there is a sense of occasion which adds a special flair to this year’s musical offering, and everybody’s invited as Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band prepare to dance their way all over the land.


For tour dates and ticket details head to and to get yourself and your littles in the mood check out the band’s YouTube channel and get the party started early!



What you need to know:

What: Lah-Lah’s 10th birthday party national tour
When: 13 July – 18 November 2018
Where: Venues across Australia – check the website for details of your closest venue
Cost: $26.50 pp
Duration: 50 minutes (but remember there will be time for meeting and greeting and music after the show)
Merchandise: There is a range of toys and musical instruments available to buy before, during and after the show with prices starting at $10 for a pair of stripy socks moving up to around the $35 mark for an instrument and $50 if your little wants to dress like Lah-Lah.