Deadly 60 Down Under
Deadly 60 Down Under

The charismatic Steve Backshall and star of the Deadly 60 television series, presented his rundown of some of Australia’s deadliest inhabitants on the stage of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall this past weekend, and what a show he put on.


Deadly 60 Down Under sees the worldly adventurer introduce his young audience to a selection of Australia’s most fearsome natives, known for their bite and venom. Crocodiles, sharks, spiders, jellyfish, snakes and more get their moment under the spotlight as Backshall invites preselected volunteers up onto the stage to handle pythons, play cameraman to a tarantula and pet a baby saltwater croc.


Punctuating the stage action with footage from his successful TV series, Backshall elicits laughs at his outrageous exploits and gasps a plenty too.


The presenter has such a brilliant way of delivering fascinating facts about the creatures we co-exist with, and his fearlessness is both inspiring and jaw-dropping. Getting up close and personal with an enormous saltwater crocodile to discover its bite aptitude, similarly hooking a great white shark for the same purpose and coming face to face with one of Australia’s deadliest snakes are just some of the experiences you can expect to witness when you spend 75 minutes in the company of Steve Backshall.


The perfect show for an aspiring explorer, nature enthusiast or animal lover, Backshall is everything a role model should be. With so much passion for the world and its creatures, he truly ignites a similar drive in his young fans to preserve the earth and work towards a future every species can thrive in.

Using relatable exercises, from funfair games to classroom experiments, to demonstrate the power and strength of these creatures and their killing potential; Backshall’s aim is both shock and education. He is very much an advocate of respect and knowledge when it comes to the deadly 60. The more we as humans appreciate their place on this earth and treat them with the respect they deserve, while employing common sense, the better we can live alongside them. Continuing this vein of education, time is reserved for questions from the audience at the show’s end revealing the answers to questions like, ‘has Steve ever met the other Steve as in Irwin?’ and ‘what’s his favourite Australian animal?’ I won’t spoil it by telling you his answers, you’ll have to go see the show to find out!


Undertaking the most terrifying of feats with ease and humour, Backshall himself is perhaps the only antidote one needs when it comes to phobias of things that bite and sting. Taking his tour across Australia, find out when he’ll be at a venue near you and book your tickets now.

What you need to know:


What: Deadly 60 Down Under

Where: Multiple venues across Australia

When: Dates run until 27 January 2019

Who: Kids 5+

Tickets: $39 + $8.50 booking fee (prices may vary according to venue)

Duration: 75 minutes (no interval)

Merchandise: T-shirts, activity books and more are available to purchase before and after the show.