The Great CP Egg Hunt
Three Little Hines

There was an international twist to this year’s Great CP Egg Hunt, held at Centennial Park in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. In delicious partnership with Cadbury, each activity station on the kids’ trail map invited them to participate in a different Easter tradition native to countries including the UK, Greece, and Germany.


Always incorporating fun-having with learning, the Great CP Hunt has become an annual family tradition for us so it was wonderful to experience just a taste of what other cultures get up to at Easter. Guided by the wonderful Centennial Parklands staff through each activity, the whole course – run in a staggered fashion to avoid overcrowding – is relaxed and so much fun to complete.


Beginning in our homeland of blighty (aka the United Kingdom) the kids took it in turn to roll an egg from one end of the course to the other using only a wooden stick. Even the littlest Hine got involved, with Daddy’s help of course.

Next we travelled to Greece and had great fun with the traditional Greek Pot Throw, tossing plastic, copper and terracotta pots into the hoops laid out on the grass.

Then it was time to hop into a sack and do our best impression of the Easter Bunny in some Netherlandish sack racing. Denny aced this activity in double time, Noah went slow and steady and Raphy wasn’t having a bar of it so Daddy took up the mantle in her place.

kids in a sack race

Our next stop was Germany, with an Aussie twist, where we were tasked with first searching for and then identifying five different eggs native to Australian nesting animals. All three kids thoroughly enjoyed this activity, taking great delight in locating the hidden “nests” and baskets containing eggs of all colours and sizes.

With each activity completed the children received a different Easter-themed stamp on their trail map and a small Cadbury chocolate egg. Upon reaching the final station, a photo op with the Easter Bunny himself, each child received a bag of Cadbury eggs.

A wonderful way to indulge the kids on the long Easter weekend, out in the sunshine in the beautiful surrounds of Centennial Park and with an educational twist, The Great CP Egg Hunt needs to find a place in your calendar for next year! 

What you need to know:


What: The Great CP Egg Hunt

Where: The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre, Dickens Drive, Centennial Park

When: Easter Weekend

Tickets: $17.70/child

Who: Suitable for children aged 3-8 years (younger kids can complete the course with parental supervision) and all children must be accompanied by an adult

Duration: Totally dependent on how long you and your brood take to complete the course – so anywhere from 20 mins to 30 mins approx.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds, exchange or credits given unless the event is cancelled by the Parklands due to dangerous conditions. An email regarding cancellation will be sent at least 1 hour before the event start time.

Wet Weather Policy: This event goes ahead in wet weather so just come prepared with anoraks, gumboots and umbrellas!

Note: Totally optional but wise to bring a basket or other collecting vessel for all the yummy chocolate your child(ren) will be collecting!

Food and Drink: There is a food van selling ice creams and coffees on site. He takes card but always useful to have cash on you in the event his machine ain’t working!

Toilets: There are bathrooms located at intervals around the park but it’s worth going to the toilet before you arrive as it’s a short course.

Parking: There is free or 3hour parking throughout Centennial Park, just try and arrive early ahead of your pre-booked time slot to get a park close to the event.

Prams: Prams are welcome but due to the nature of the course I would advise opting for a baby carrier where possible or letting your toddler walk as it’s not a great distance to cover and that way they can get involved in all the fun!

Happy Easter 2019