Bounce Back after Baby at Skyzone
Mum and baby on trampoline

My relationship with the gym is as temperamental as my 11 month old’s sleep habits. I get all motivated and tell myself I’ll go every day, and I do, for a while, until the Adonis instructor I’ve been lusting after gets replaced with a ponytail and false lashes. Then it’s pretty much downhill with a pit-stop at binge-town and yes I’m still working on that baby weight.


I’m the kind of girl who would rather exercise without really thinking I’m exercising, which is why the minute I heard about the new Mums and Bubs Skyfit workout classes at Skyzone Alexandria I literally jumped at the chance to try it out.


Rocking up with the sleep-thieving baby and my threenager at 9am, we donned our Skyzone socks and as I followed Ryan, aka the loveliest guy on earth, to one end of the Stratosphere zone to begin my Skyfit experience, my littles fell under the protection and entertainment of two Sky Guards at the other end.


Able to see my kids, who were in playtime heaven with their new tutu-toting friends and a mountain of toys at their disposal; I followed Ryan’s lead and leapt onto the trampoline with childish abandon. I think as adults we get too much into our heads about the anticipation of doing things we did as kids to the point we stop ourselves from doing it. Jumping on a trampoline was definitely one of those things but under Ryan’s careful instruction I quickly forgot my fears and bounced through the cardio portion of the workout.


I was having so much fun (as were my kids who wandered over once or twice to watch me in action) it didn’t actually feel like exercise, though I was definitely getting a workout. The second portion of the workout was more Pilates focused; perfect for my Mum bod and lower back complaints. Ryan took me through a series of strengthening exercises, always going at my pace but keeping the momentum going.


Some stretches brought our session to an end, but after a water and breastfeeding break I was so pumped and energised from the workout I was more than happy to stay put for the Little Leapers* session which started at 10am.


Whoever imagined bouncing back after baby would be this much fun?! Here’s to next week’s session!


What you need to know:


What: Skyfit for Mums and Bus
Where: Skyzone Alexandria, 75 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria
When: Mondays and Tuesdays
Time: 9am (arrive at least 15 minutes before to complete the necessary paperwork and use the loo!)
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: You have the option of paying $15 per class or accessing the unlimited array of classes on offer at Skyzone with a $25 per weekly membership. The cost covers Mum and one bub, any extra littles are $5 each.
Parking: There is plenty of free parking for Skyzone patrons at the venue, particularly if you’re coming to this class as the venue doesn’t open for jumping until 10am. Should you need alternative parking there is 3 hour free parking at the nearby Homemaker Centre.
Food and Drink: Bring a water bottle for yourself so you can stay hydrated throughout and after the session and as for the littles, the Skyzone Altitude Café offers a Little Leapers snack pack for $8.50 which contains a sandwich, jelly cup and juice. (The sandwich can be modified according to dietary requirements as I personally can attest to. The lovely Skyzone staff were more than obliging in changing the custom ham and cheese filling to just cheese.)
Little Leapers*: Aimed at 0-5 year olds, Little Leapers runs from 10am-1pm during term-time and 9am-10am on weekends and school holidays. Cost is $10.