360 All Stars
360 All Stars

Bikes, basketballs, beatboxing and more talent than you ever thought imaginable explodes onstage as the 360 All Stars continue their international tour.


We were lucky enough to catch one of their two exclusive Sydney performances at the Sydney Opera House yesterday afternoon and wow. Enough energy to fill the expansive Concert Hall arena and then some, the production was introduced in style with a rap from drummer and producer Gene Peterson putting a name to each unique skill.


Delivering a fusion of sensational artistry which the Opera House itself describes as a “supercharged urban circus”, the combination of a 2x World Champion BMX Flatlander, two champion breakdancing artists, a globally acclaimed basketball freestyler and a world record holding cyr wheel artist takes the magic of street culture and translates it into universal entertainment.


Set against a live soundtrack performed by New Zealand’s X-Factor winner Beau Monga, the whole show has a bespoke vibe that speaks to a generation of cool.


Interjecting humour and boyish camaraderie into their performance, this band of talented athletes who have come together from all over the world, first treated us to their own brand of ability. With only a stage to work with, they filled the space, complemented by interactive video projections which added an extra dimension to each act.


Taking the spotlight one by one, what becomes more mind-blowing is when the talents blend as BMX meets cyr, breakdancers and beatboxer unite and basketballer takes a seat on the BMX. A physical performance filled with so much character, technique and energy; the 360 Allstars are a troupe like no other.


Onwards to Edinburgh, these boys are quite literally setting the world alight. Like 360 All Stars on Facebook to follow the tour and find out when the boys will be back in your locale. 

What you need to know:


What: All Stars 360

Duration: 70 minutes approximately (no interval)

Who: Intended for kids aged 5+

Note: Flash Photography and recording are not permitted so make sure phones are switched off.