Tuff Nutterz
Tuff Nutterz

THE greatest inflatable obstacle course you and your kids will ever run, TUFF NUTTERZ is back at Centennial Park from Saturday 8 June to Monday 10 June 2019 for even more leaps, climbs and slides! Omg we are so excited!! We loved it the first time round and are raring to get back on the course next month!

The largest of its kind, the Tuff Nutterz course measures in total across an enormous 270 meters and features over 30 different obstacles from ladders to giant balancing balls to tunnels, hanging rails, blow up climbing walls and plenty of slides. Weave through the pointy (soft inflatable) spikes, hurtle through giant X’s and run as fast as you can without losing your balance on the bouncy frame. And then do it all over again!

Taking up a massive expanse in the centre of Centennial Park where it debuted its second Sydney outing in January, the first being in Manly, the Tuff Nutterz course is the perfect energy-busting activity for kids to do with their adults.  Or with friends if they are over 5. I barely got any shots of my 7yo as she was racing through the course over and over like lightning! You can just see a glimpse of her dashing through the spikes (above)!

Boy jumping with Dad

Note that children aged under 5 will need an accompanying adult with them at all times (those adults will not be charged for a ticket). Otherwise any able-bodied person aged 5 and over can head on in and let loose.


My husband (pictured above) was with our 4 yo the whole time though as you can see he was there purely in case of emergency as our boy handled himself pretty well throughout the course, and loved it!

For the super little nutterz who might be just a tad too weeny for the course, there are baby and toddler-friendly alternatives, case in point a bouncy castle, which my then 1 year old found rather fascinating!


The music will be pumping, courtesy of the coolest on site DJs and there are tables and chairs set up around the area for you to take the occasional rest between rounds!

It’s a pretty sweaty activity so you’ll be pleased to hear that food and drink carts will also be on site offering cold beverages and refuelling options if you’ve run out of snacks. I would definitely advise bringing plenty of water and food for your family, with a little spare change for an ice cream and coffee!


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Kids sitting at table



What you need to know:


What: Tuff Nutterz

When: Sat 8 – Mon 10 June 2019

Where: Brazilian Fields West, Centennial Park

Who: The Whole Family

Tickets: $35 pp (adults accompanying children under 5 go free)

Getting there: You can take the bus and get out near Lang Road on Anzac Parade but be advised it will be a bit of a walk. It’s best to drive into the park and get a spot as close to the action as you can.

Toilets: There are public bathrooms located around the parklands so try and go before you begin the course.

Note: Make sure to bring socks too!