Paw Patrol return to the big screen

In news that will thrill my children and no doubt their fellow Paw Patrol fans, Ryder and his team of pups are set to return to the big screen in a mere 5 months with an all-new adventure!!

It’s the Adventure Bay 500 and Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rubble and Rocky have built an awesome race track they will play pit crew on as legendary racer THE WHOOSH comes to compete. As ever the narrative underpinning this Paw Patrol tale comes with a lesson in self-discovery as Marshall gets his moment in the spotlight when the race hero is unable to drive.

Will Marshall be able to overcome his lack of self-confidence , not to mention the competition, THE CHEETAH, in order to fulfil his dream of becoming the fastest race-pup of all time? You’ll have to make a date with the pups this OCTOBER to find out!



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