Waxing literal
woman having leg wax

Anything you can do, I’ve done it breastfeeding!!

Firstly, yes, underneath those baggy harem pants I wear daily, I’m hairier than my husband from the waist down.

As a hairy beast, or “the hot hairy bitch” as my waxer dubbed me at our first meeting 4 years ago, I would estimate that I have replayed this exact scene …let’s see, hmmm maybe 20,000 times in the past 7 years! What else would you have me do (and yes I’ve been recommended laser probably as many times but… money).

As long as I’ve been a Mum, I’ve learnt to breastfeed while doing basically everything else. Cooking, working, having coffee with the editor of Campaign magazine, going for a pee; you name it, I’ve done it breastfeeding. So yes, leg waxing too is experienced with a side of nipple.

Geez, I honestly don’t know why I even bother with the effort of clothing now I come to think of it. I’m already half-naked, spend half the time pulling my knickers aside for the perfect bikini wax and the other half getting my tits out to keep the baby from getting stuck in the wax.

I feel across between a sheep at its shearing and a cow being milked simultaneously… now that’s some serious multitasking!!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while breastfeeding? Tell me at hadassah@threelittlehines.com