Phone Play
woman on phone

One of the Mums in my mum’s group recently confessed that while her husband thinks she’s upstairs struggling to get the baby to sleep of an evening, in reality the baby went down hours ago but she’s been enjoying the downtime to play Candy Crush on her phone and trawl Facebook!

Turns out, she’s not the only one.

It would appear there are loads of us Mums who seize the opportunity to lie with our kids while they fall asleep or take longer than necessary to nurse the baby, so we can mindlessly zone into our phones for an hour. It’s ‘Mommy’s break-time’, as one Mum put it, and as another of my fellow Mums pointed out, it’s not all dissimilar to when Daddy disappears to the toilet for an indefinite period of time… we all know what he was doing!! We’ve at least got hygiene on our side, am I right!! I mean, who the hell knows what malevolent breed of e-Coli the dude’s manifested on his phone??

Husband: Kids asleep?
Me: Ummm... no, not quite yet!

You never know, they could just be faking it!! I better lie here a little while longer. Umm… ok they’re snoring now but I just need to finish writing this post for Instagram so I’ll just lie here for like 5 more minutes. At this point, the husband comes up to make sure I’ve not actually fallen asleep too - ooh conundrum, do I play dead and buy myself an extra 10 minutes or do I accept defeat and go be sociable? Tough call. I mean, when else am I going to get that kind of time to be that socially anti-social??!

Do you escape into phone play when you’re allegedly getting the kids to sleep? Tell me at