Smash Enterprises – Making Light of Lunch
L: Bento Bite; R: Bento Switch-Up

L: Bento Bite; R: Bento Switch-Up

I like to think of myself as a prepared parent. Having all my proverbial ducks in a row before I leave the house makes me feel somewhat capable of the whole kid-caretaking thing. I used to just throw a few random things into a lunch-bag and be done with it, later watching my kids rifle through the contents. However, if there’s anything we’ve learnt from watching shows like MKR it’s that we eat with our eyes first and kids are no less immune to such interaction. So when it comes to their lunchbox, shouldn’t that be given the same attention as a meal served on a plate?



Bento Switch Up


Cue the simply awesome range of lunchboxes, water bottles and accessories from Smash Enterprises, available at Coles supermarkets. My 7yo and 4yo each have a Bento Switch Up from the back to school range. Unlike the traditional bento lunchboxes, the Switch-Up range is designed to adapt to your choice of food contents. A flexi divider in the main compartment can be moved around to accommodate more or less food or removed altogether.


Plus, how often do you want to throw in an apple or orange or similarly spherical fruit but find your child’s lunch vessel lacks the depth to house it? Well the Bento Switch Up is designed to fit any of those round food stuff thanks to its design. The silicone edged divider that sits in the smaller end of the lunchbox also ensures your kids’ lunch will be leak free.


Its fabulous features don’t stop there. The outer shell, which features one of four cool prints, can be snapped off when it comes time to wash up and easily snapped right back on when you’re ready to use it again. So super easy cleaning. It’s also there as a protective skin to keep the Bento from the likely drops and bumps at the hands of schoolchildren.


Each Switch Up is accompanied by a matching lunch bag too to keep your Bento protected and clean whether you take it to a park playdate or on your weekly grocery run.



Bento Bite


Then you have the Bento Bite, the ultimate Nude Food option and my lunch-box preference for my 18mo as it has six spill-proof sections for the likes of veggie sticks, small sandwiches, and even yoghurt in its matching snack pot. The whole inner tray comes away from the base where there is space for an ice brick to keep the contents cool and it further peels away from the interior to make for ease of cleaning at the end of the day. Also matched by a colourful lunch bag, the Bento Bite puts the fun back into lunchtime.


The Fridge


But what about the days you want to travel light, something that can be tough with three kids in tow. Well The Fridge cooler bag is the perfect option. On either side of the bag’s interior are zipped compartments to fit the two gel ice packs that come with the bag. Pop those into the freezer the night before and replace them in the bag before you pack your lunch into it and watch your food stay cool for the whole day!


Designed to keep contents cool for up to 7 hours, The Fridge certainly lives up to its name much to my delight as no one wants to eat melted cheese sticks and mushy fruit.


It fits loads too, with enough room for both big kids’ sandwiches and a few snacks to boot. The perfect accompaniment for a day at the zoo!


Sparkly water bottle

Cascade Bottle


As for our choice of water bottles, we opted for the sparkly teal cascade bottle because everyone knows if you want a 7yo girl to drink water, add some sparkle! Seriously it’s been a mission trying to get her to drink but with the cool effect of watching the glitter race up and down the bottle while she’s drinking, she consumes more than she realises!


glow in the dark bottle

Glow Bottle


That brings us to her choice of water bottle for night time. The Glow Bottle is perfect not only as a bedside option for water during the night but also for cinema trips and long days out where light becomes dusk and you find yourself rooting around in cavernous bags or on the floor of your car for the water bottle your child is desperately craving at that moment! It’s been a revelation!


The full range from Smash is available in all Coles supermarkets while stocks last.