Lessons in Paperkrane

When your child starts school it is just as momentous a milestone as their first steps, but though their feet may have grown some in the interim, that barefoot feeling is still just as important for their development. Enter Paperkrane. Pioneers of kids footwear, this Melbourne-based brand had its beginnings on the back of a sewing machine and limited runs of the most ingenious baby booties you’ve ever seen. Fast forward 8 years, add a business partner and a Vietnamese factory and this incredible brand has added school shoes to its line.


Speaking as a veteran school mum (my eldest is starting Year two tomorrow!) I can tell you two very important facts about your children’s relationship with shoes at school. One, they spend a vast proportion of their time sitting cross-legged on the classroom floor, and two, they do everything in them from learning how to read to scuffing the playground dirt at lunchtime. So, their school shoes need to be comfortable, practical and durable.


Children are always growing and though we may attribute the most importance to their initial years in terms of foot development, the same attention must continue to be applied well into their years at school. Particularly those first few years in academia when they are quite literally finding their feet.


The beauty of Paperkrane has always been in the design. Every single pair of PK’s will bend and flex comfortably to allow your children’s feet the movement and ease to grow and develop. Mimicking that barefoot sensation, the PK concept gives little soles the protection and support they need without hindering their health.


With two options in their school shoe shop, you need look no further for the perfect classroom footwear.



The traditional style of shoe for school girls, Atlas ($85 AUD) bears a modern twist on the classic Mary Jane aesthetic. Crafted in all black leather uppers, black rubber soles and adjustable Velcro fastening for easy on and off – crucial for Kindy littles who may not yet have mastered the art of laces – this PK pair will rule the playground.



Girls and boys alike can slip on the PK Dusters ($85 AUD), don their school bag and be on their way. Featuring Paperkrane’s signature light and flexible design, just like their Atlas classmates, the Duster design is not too dissimilar to a classic slip-on riding boot.


Neither design features any kind of heel and with a good strong bend in their step, they will ease your child in gently as they transition from parks and playdates to assemblies and roll call.  


You can expect to pay anywhere up to $100 for a good pair of school shoes, especially if you want them to withstand the duress of being worn 5 days a week by an active child. Paperkrane’s My advice is to size up a little to get the most out of them. A sneaky inner sole can lift and cushion your child’s feet until they have grown into the size. Speaking of sizes, measure your child’s feet with a simple tape measure and take a glance at Paperkrane’s size chart, add a cm and you’ll know what size to buy.


Paperkrane Size Chart

Paperkrane school shoes are now available to buy direct from the website so even if you’ve already got a pair of austere black soles to match your child’s uniform, trust me when I say an investment in a back-up pair will pay off in dividends!